Engine compartment, left photo.

The original Ford engine is not present.
Small accessories are still present: the left and right Air
Cleaner brackets, horn bracket and voltage regulator.
The horn and carburetor are post-war replacements and
will be corrected during restoration.
* The hood number for GPW 55477 mathematically should be 20140477. This is based on Ford GPW production numbers
relative to the U.S. Army registration numbers assigned to that group of vehicles.
Not all vehicles were accepted in sequential order. Some vehicles were used for testing by the factory, and others had
production flaws and were accepted later. These vehicles were not assigned a registration number, so there are gaps in the
mathematical process.
Type: 1/4 Ton 4x4 Truck
Government Number: G503
Model: GPW
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
Date of Delivery: 12 August 1942
Serial Number: 55477
Hood Number: 20140477*
Passenger side of 55477, above left photo.
Most of the original issued accessories are missing. The original combat wheels are also missing.
Inside view of 55477, above right photo.
The front and rear floor will need to be replaced. The rear body panel on this GPW did not have the "FORD" script. This was
discontinued in late July of 1942, around serial number 50,000. Additionally this GPW did not have a trailer receptacle, which
was introduced the end of September 1942 or a liquid container carrier, introduced the end of January 1943.
GPW 55477 was produced under the Sixth Ford Contract - Number W-398-QM-11424. This was the
40,477th vehicle produced under this contract of 63,146 GPWs. GPW 55477 was accepted on August 12th
1942. 8,801 GPWs were produced in the month of August 1942, the sixth highest production month of 1942.
The cost for each GPW in this contract was $925.00. It is not currently known which Ford factory GPW 55477
was produced at.
This GPW has been highly modified during post-war use. The front bumper has been replaced with a large
piece of industrial steel with a winch and tandem tow hitch. A winter cover has been fitted over half of the
body tub. This has been removed since this photo was taken.