Type: 3/4 Ton 4x4 Truck
Government Number: G502
Model: WC-54 Ambulance
Dodge Model T-214
Manufacturer: Dodge Motor Company
Date of Delivery: November 1942
Serial Number: 81560003
Hood Number: 713293
WC-54 Ambulance, above photo.
This vehicle has several interesting data plates, less the normal plates that are located on the glove
compartment door. These plates were found during disassembly. On the passenger side of the engine
compartment fire wall, there is a small rectangular aluminum plate that is stamped U.S.A. NO. (first line) and
713293 (second line). This is believed to be the original vehicle registration number, but this is rarely stamped
on a separate plate in this location. The second plate was located on the inside of the cab above the
windshield. It is a brass plate with black paint and marked: THE WAYNE WORKS (first line) All-Steel Bodies
(second line) RICHMOND, INDIANA (third line) 42-B-147 (forth line). This plate was added by the company that
produced the Ambulance bodies. The third and final plate was located in the center of the glove box, between
the normal data plates. The plate is brass and marked: REBUILT AND MODIFIED 7 1947 (first line, the first 7
is stamped) BY (second line) ATLANTA (third line) ORDNANCE DEPOT (forth line) REDESIGNATED - TRUCK
3/4 TON (fifth line) 4 x 4, DECEASED SERVICE CAR. This vehicle started its life as an Ambulance at the
beginning of World War Two carrying wounded, and ended its service as a Hearse carrying the dead to their
final resting place. This vehicle will be restored to its original 1942 configuration. During the 1947 rebuild all
of the stretcher brackets and storage boxes, as well as the rear step, were removed so the that vehicle could
carry a casket.
The vehicle was stripped using a chemical “Gel” stripper, so that any markings or paint could be identified for use in the
restoration. All of the wartime markings were present. This vehicle was actually very well preserved due to all of the layers of
paint that were on the body. First the vehicle was painted in red oxide primer. Then in 1942 it was painted a light olive drab
green (OD), with the Ambulance crosses and medical insignia. In 1947 the vehicle was re-primed in grey over all of the
previous paint. Then it was painted in post war semi-gloss dark olive drab green. The vehicle was eventually surplused to the
civilian market. The original owner painted the Ambulance in yellow, and finally in red.

Ambulance markings, above right photo.
This is a close up of where the caduceus were painted. The background is a white circle. Some Ambulances used a square
behind the caduceus vice a circle.
Instrument panel, above left photo.
Another interesting detail that was found during the stripping was on the dashboard. Above the glove box, and painted on the
original 1942 OD paint, in yellow was: CHECK TIRES DAILY (first line) INFLATE TO 40 LBS (second line, the 40 is painted in
red). The size of the stenciled letters are 3/4".
Restoration, above right photo.
This picture was taken during the initial phase of priming, after all of the stripping was done. All of the smaller pieces have
been removed at this point and have already been bead blasted and primed.
Restored glove box door, above left photo.
Restored rebuild data plate converting the WC-54 Ambulance to TRUCK 3/4 TON 4X4 DECEASED SERVICE CAR, above right