Type: Cargo Carrier, Light
Government Number: G179
Model: T-24 "Weasel"
Manufacturer: Studebaker Motor Company
Date of Delivery: 1943
Serial Number: 991
Registration Number: 401226XX
Replica Bronze Compass Bracket SD-902266, above left photo.
The original compass bracket was made of bronze so that it would not interfere with the operation of the
Pioneer Type 1830 Compass. The complete compass assembly was mounted under the cowl in front of
the driver. On later M-29 Weasels, the compass assembly was deleted from production.
Auto-Lite 12 Volt Generator Model GGA-4801A, above right photo.
Electric Windshield Wiper Motor Assembly, Stewart Warner EX-25046-A, above left and right photos.
The T-24 utilized two electric motor assemblies on the front windshield. Each was powered via a cord that plugged in below
the inside windshield. QuestMasters is missing the both of the Wiper Arm Assembly SD-952257P with Blade SD-950559 for
this T-24.
The T-24 and early M-29 Weasel is strongly believed to have been delivered solely from the factory
painted in white paint with a black camouflage pattern. The following pictures depict several
camouflage patterns used on Weasels prior to being painted Olive Drab later in the war.
Auto-Lite 12 Volt 40 Amp Voltage Regulator Model VAM-4101A, above left and right photos.
The serial number of this regulator is 11X022004 (November 1943, 11 Month X year).
Manual Windshield Wiper Assembly, above left photo.
The T-24 utilized one Manual Windshield Wiper Assembly over the drivers side windshield. QuestMasters is missing the
Wiper Arm Assembly SD-952258P with Blade SD-950559 for this T-24.
Seat Safety Strap Assembly, SD-950491.
The T-24 and M-29 used four Seat Safety Straps or Seat Belts. The assembly is 68" in length and was also used in aircraft.
Cowl Ventilation Lid Link SD-952292P, above left photo.
Cowl Ventilation Lid SD-952286P, above right photo.
Radiator SD-905225, above left photo.
Radiator Cap SD-516009, above right photo.
Radiator Shroud SD-905298, above left photo.
Carburetor Assembly, Carter Model BBR1-561S, above right photo.