Cushman 53 Airborne Scooter being used by a Paratrooper from the
101st Airborne Division, Normandy France June 1944.
Type: Scooter, Motor, Airborne
Government Number: G-683
Model: 53
Manufacturer: Cushman
Date of Delivery: 1944
Serial Number: Unknown
Registration Number: Unknown
The front tire is marked: Firestone 6.00x6 2 PLY, above left photo.
The rear tire is marked:
Cushman Autoglide 4 PLY MUD AND SNOW, above right photo.
Reproduction nomenclature plate, above left photo.
The exact serial number of this Cushman 53 Scooter is not currently known. The brass data plate under the
nomenclature plate is believed to be a post-war registration plate applied after 1947.
Parachute D-Ring located behind the handle bars, above left photo.
Parachute D-Ring located behind the gas tank, above right photo.
The Cushman 53 Scooter was designed specifically to be air dropped by parachute.
Engine nomenclature plate, above left photo.
This plate is marked:
MODEL 16 M 71 HP 4
ENG. NO. A20629
TM 9-876 Technical Manual for the Cushman 53 Airborne Motor Scooter Dated 5 April 1944, above left photo.
New Old Stock (NOS) Brake Lining Set in shipping box, above right photo.
Spare seat with post-war black leather covering, above left photo.