Type: Truck, Amphibious, 2 1/2 Ton, 6x6
Government Number: G-501
Model: DUKW 353 "Duck"
Manufacturer: General Motors Company
Date of Delivery: 1945
Serial Number: 19754
Registration Number: 7034045*
Maintenance Manual: TM 9-802
The D.U.K.W. (D = 1942, U = utility/amphibious, K = all wheel drive, W = two powered rear axles) was
produced from 1942 through 1945. This DUKW 19754 "Duck" (pictured above) was produced in early
1945. It's wartime service history is currently unknown.
After World War Two this "Duck" was used by a commercial company for touring in New York State until
This "Duck" is currently unrestored with many incorrect details such as the windshield and extended top
Note * Registration Number 7034045 is an estimate based off of original registration numbers obtained
from DUKW Serial Number 19769 (7034060), 19809 (7034100-S), 19818 (7034109) and 19847 (7034138).