Type: Trailer, 2 Wheel, 1 Ton, Cargo
Government Number: G-518
Model: Not Available
Manufacturer: Not Available
Date of Delivery: Not Available
Serial Number: Not Available
Solid wheel landing leg, left photo. The front section of the frame has been modified for use with a post war trailer hitch.
Original lunette ring with bracket and landing leg swivel, right photo.
This lunette bracket assembly will be used to restore the modified frame section.
These are the correct chains used on the 1 Ton series trailers. The hook and
bracket are both cast steel. The 1 Ton trailer used 12 links per chain.
These chains will be added when the lunette bracket area is restored.
The original history, manufacturer, and date of
delivery of this trailer is not currently known. One
original reflector is present on the trailer. The
reflector was made by the Corcoran-Brown
Company, a subcontracting company that was
used by only a few specific trailer manufacturers.
New Old Stock Inter-Vehicle Cable, left photo.
Chassis Wiring Harness, above photo.
New Old Stock Left and Right Tail Light Brackets, left photo.
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