Country: France
Type: Model 1934 25mm Anti-Tank Cannon
Model: Canon S.A.H. Calibre 25mm
Manufacturer: Hotchkiss, Paris France
Date: 1934
Serial Number: 1221
Left side of the 25mm 1934 Hotchkiss AT Cannon, above photo.
In 1926, Hotchkiss of Paris France proposed an in-house 25 mm cannon design that was eventually accepted for service in
1934. The design was given the designation: Canon de 25 mm semi-automatique modèle 1934. During the German invasion of
France between May and June of 1940, the 25mm Hotchkiss was the main anti-tank weapon of the French infantry.
This 25mm Hotchkiss Cannon had been in service with the French Army for 6 years in 1940.

When the British Expeditionary Force landed in France in 1939, insufficient numbers of anti-tank weapons were available.
The French Army issued the Canon de 25 to the British, which became known to the British as Anti-Tank Gun, 25 mm
Hotchkiss, Mark I on 25 mm Carriage, Mark I.

After the fall of France to Germany on June 22, 1940. Examples of the 25mm Hotchkiss A.T. Cannon captured by the German
forces were operationally used under the designation 2,5 cm Pak 112(f).

Finland purchased approximately 50 French 25 mm antitank guns from France during the Winter War of 1939/1940, but
approximately 40 of them were delivered by February 1940 through Norway. The remaining ten guns were captured by the
Germans when they invaded Norway in spring of 1940. During Interim Peace, Germany sold 200 captured guns to Finland. 133
of them were Model 1934 and 67 were Model 1937, and they were designated 25 PstK/34 and 25 PstK/37, respectively by the
Finnish Army. They were withdrawn from front-line use by 1943 due to the increase in size and strength of Soviet Armor.
This 25mm Hotchkiss Anti-Tank Cannon carries a Finnish nomenclature plate that shows repair or inspection with the Finnish
Army during 1941 and again in 1942.

This 1934 25mm French Hotchkiss Anti-Tank Gun was imported into the United States in the 1960's from Finland.
It was purchased by QuestMasters in 2012. It is currently demilitarized to BATFE standards and is not currently a destructive
device. This cannon is currently pending complete restoration.
1934 French 25mm Hotchkiss AT Gun Breech, above left photo.
The top of the breech is marked CANON S.A.H. CALIBRE 25 M/M 1934 No 1221 with the HOTCHKISS PARIS logo.
Left side of the cannon, right photo.
Finnish Army data plate, above left photo.
This brass data plate was added by the Finnish Army to the left inner trail leg of this Hotchkiss Cannon. KORJATTU, meaning
repair or maintenance, is marked at the top of the plate. The plate carries two dates: 3.3.41. - March 3rd 1941 and 4.3.41 -
March 4th 1942. Tampella was a heavy industry manufacturer, which is where this cannon was inspected.

Carriage data plate, above right photo.
This data plate is mounted on the center front frame, below the barrel.
25mm Hotchkiss Shell, above and right photos.
This shell consists of a brass shell casing marked: CHARGE FORTE on the side and
dated March 1937 on the bottom. The shell is copper with a green painted tip.
1934 French 25mm Hotchkiss AT Gun, front view, above left photo.
The top of the barrel in front of the shield is marked with the serial number 1221, above right photo.
1934 French 25mm Hotchkiss AT Gun Breech, above two photos.
This cannon has been painted tan at some point after World War Two, but traces of winter white camouflage paint can be
seen under this paint. Also visible are the traces of what may be a unit marking on the right rear of the gun shield.
The optical sight is missing from this cannon. QuestMasters is currently looking for this optical sight.
1934 French 25mm Hotchkiss AT Gun, right side, above left photo; and rear view, above right photo.