U.S. Army Soldier
36th Infantry Division, 142nd Infantry Regiment, B Company
PFC Clarence Charles Keyes 32238345
Killed In Action - December 7th 1943, near San Pietro Italy
PFC Keyes was born on November 11th 1918. He entered the service on February 17th 1942 from Queens New York.
The 142nd Infantry Regiment landed in Paestum Italy on September 9th 1943 on the Gulf of Salerno. After the 36th
Infantry Division secured the Salerno Plain from Agropoli to Altavilla it moved into reserve on September 20th 1943. The
Division moved to the Mignano Gap on November 16th 1943 relieving the 3rd Infantry Division. Despite severe winter
weather and strong opposition the division captured Monte Maggiore on December 3rd 1943.
The 143rd Infantry Regiment took part of Monte Sammurco on December 7th 1943 and held it against counterattack while
the 142nd Infantry Regiment renewed the assault through Monte Lungo while the 143rd Infantry Regiment attacked San
PFC Keyes was awarded the Purple Heart Medal for being Killed In Action (KIA).
His medal was sent to his wife Mrs. Louise Marie Keyes in a small cardboard box after his death.
The box was sent by the War Department Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot to Mrs. Clarence C. Keyes, 95-19 123rd
Street, Richmond Hill, Long Island New York.
The cardboard box contained the Purple Heart Medal engraved with his name on the rear. The medal was mounted in a
leather covered case that contained a card from Brigadier General Ronald Walsh, Commanding Officer Army Service
Forces Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The card extended the honor of presenting this decoration on behalf of The Adjutant
General of the Army.
The price of postage was 24 cents.
PFC Keyes was killed on December 7th 1943 with a shrapnel fragment wound (SFW) in the skull, near La Defensa Italy.

PFC Keyes was buried in an isolated burial at approximately 1645 hours December 14th 1943 next to William A.
Henkelman 38036606 142nd Infantry Regiment (grave 5). PFC Keys was the end of the row (grave 6).
Personal effects found with his body during disposition were: 1 pair of glasses with case, photos, a cigarette lighter, 2
rings, a knife, misc. coins, several religious articles, a billfold, 13 Lire, $1 American Currency, a money order receipt for
$25 #18767, 1 Silver Dollar and a plastic cigarette case.
These items were forwarded to his next of kin Mary Keyes, his mother, 279 Moffet Street, Ridgewood, New York.

PFC Keyes was reburied at 1555 hours February 3rd 1944 Marzanello Nuovo Cemetery, Italy - row 1 grave 9 next to
Warren L Gordon 36454100 (grave 10) and Willis C Locker 13065140 (grave 8).

PFC Keyes was disinterred on September 9th 1948 and buried in the American Cemetery Nettuno Italy - Plot I, Row 3,
Grave 61.
He rests there to this day.

His beneficiaries were Louise M. Keyes (wife) Mary Keyes (mother) and Lillian Timinsky (sister).