Country: Japan
Type: Type 92 Infantry Gun, 九二式歩兵砲
Caliber: 70mm
Manufacturer: Osaka Arsenal, 大坂工廠,
Date: Showa 10 Year Manufacture - 1932, 昭和十年製,
Serial Number: 31
1932 Japanese Type 92 70mm Battalion Infantry Gun, above photo.
The Japanese Type 92 70mm Battalion Infantry Gun first started production in the Japanese year 2592, Gregorian calendar
1932. The example shown here in the QuestMasters Museum collection is one of the earliest examples produced by Osaka
Arsenal in 1932, with serial number 31. The Type 92 was produced from 1932 until the end of World War II in 1945 and served
in every Japanese campaign to include China, Alaska and Pacific Islands. It was obtained by QuestMasters in 2014 and was
restored by QuestMasters in 2016. The wartime and service history of this Type 92 is unknown.
This Type 92 does not appear have had an armor shield mounted on the front of the gun to protect the crew, as seen on other
examples of the Type 92. The optical sight is missing from this gun.
This Type 92 is demilitarized to BATFE standards and is not a destructive device.