CG-15A Glider possibly in Europe (note the German aircraft in the background), left photo.
CG-15A Glider being loaded/unloaded with a 1/4 Ton Truck, right photo.
CG-15A Glider tow and radio connection, above left photo.
CG-15A Glider data plates, right top and bottom photos.
Both plates are mounted above the center inside cockpit window frame. The "UNLOADING CONDITION" plate (right,
bottom picture) is shown mounted on the second style CG-15A instrument panel (pictured in the "GLIDER PARTS
CATAGLOG AN 09-40CC-4, dated 15 January 1945) which may indicate that this CG-15A used the first style instrument
United States
Waco CG-15A Glider
A.A.F. Serial Number: Unknown
Waco CG-15 Specifications and Production Info:
Type: Troop/Cargo Glider

Ferrying/Troop Condition: 16 (Pilot/Co-Pilot plus 14 Troops)
Jeep Condition: Pilot/Co-Pilot, 4 Troops plus Jeep
Howitzer Condition: Pilot/Co-Pilot, 3 Gun Crew plus 75mm Gun
Litter Condition: Pilot/Co-Pilot plus 6 Patients

Length:  48' 10"
Wingspan: 62' 2.25"
Empty Weight: 4000 lbs.
Max Weight: 8035 lbs. Maximum At Takeoff
Max Towing Speed: 180 mph

Production: 1944/1945
Total Aircraft Produced: XCG-15 (1), XCG-15A (2), CG-15A (875)
Known Serial Numbers:
45-5276 through 45-5660 CG-15A (385)
45-12743 through 45-12784 CG-15A (42)
45-12785 through 45-13232 CG-15A (448)
The Waco CG-15A Glider was the late war improvement of the earlier Waco CG-4A Glider. Three of the
improvements made in the CG-15A were the use of stronger and thicker tubing for crew protection during
landing, the addition of Pilot/Co-Pilot doors in the cockpit for disembarkation after landing and the
increased windscreen area which afforded the crew a better field of vision during flight and landing. The
picture shown above was taken when this CG-15A cockpit was recovered from Texas.
CG-15A Glider Cockpit front and rear, above photos.
CG-15A Glider Cockpit Co-Pilot side, left photo. CG-15A Pilot side, right photo.
CG-15A Glider Cockpit Window and Instrument Panel
mounting area, left photo.
Warning Plates mounted above center window, above
The CG-15A Glider used at least two different instrument
panel styles during production.
The first (shown left) is pictured in the "PILOT'S FLIGHT
December 1944.
The second style CG-15A Glider Instrument Panel (shown
above) is pictured in the "GLIDER PARTS CATAGLOG"
AN 09-40CC-4, dated 15 January 1945.
CG-15A Glider Manuals:
GLIDER PARTS CATALOG AN 09-40CC-4 15 January 1945
Items needed to restore this CG-15A:
(Page and Reference numbers correlate to AN 09-40CC-4)
Airspeed Type C-14 (Part Number 94-27952) page 67 27-5 (Red line at 180mph p.49)
Rate of Climb Type C-2 (Part Number 94-27697) page 67 27-6
Turn and Bank Type A-11 (part Number 94-27348) page 67 27-3
Altimeter Type C-14 (Part Number 94-27342) page 67 27-2
Compass Type B-16 (Part Number 94-27807) page 67 27-4
Flap Position *****?
Ammeter AC (Part Number 1500757) page 67 27-32 - (Range 30-15-0-15-30)
Clock Type A-11 (Part Number 94-27970-A) page 67 27-33
Switch AN3022-1B page 67 27-25 (3 mounted)
Switch AN3022-1B page 67 27-27
Switch AN3022-2B page 67 27-26
Switch AN3028-2 page 67 27-28
Breaker AN3161-10 page 67 27-29 (2 mounted)
Breaker AN3161-15 page 67 27-30
add detail for added plate on left lower instrument panel: light and switch
Belt, Seat Type B14 (2 mounted) page 25 11-9
Belt, Shoulder Type B15 (2 mounted) page 25 11-9
Horn (Part Number 42A6504) - relief tube?
Extinguisher Type A-2 page 25 11-8
Flare Container Type A-6 page 23 11-3
Pyrotechnic Pistol Type AN-M8 page 23 11-4
Pistol Holder Type M-2 page 23 11-5
Seat Pilot/Co-Pilot AN7505 page 25 11-7 and page 73 30-1 (B-11 Seat p.72)
Jack Box J-37-AIA-1A page 71 29-16
Microphone T-17-B page 71 29-13
Cord CO-122 page 71 29-14 (2 mounted)
Microphone Cover M-367 page 71 29-14
Adapter MC-385-C page 71 29-12 (3 mounted)
A-2 Flight Report Holder, page 73
Replica CG-15A Instrument Panel, above photo.
This instrument panel was made by QuestMasters for the restoration of this CG-15A. The measurements were made solely
from original technical manual photos. This instrument panel is painted in yellow zinc chromate primer and has not been
painted in the final interior green paint. Two gages and one data plate are still pending.
Replica CG-15A Co-Pilot Lower
Instrument Panel, left photo.
This instrument panel was made by
QuestMasters for the restoration of this
CG-15A. The measurements were made
solely from original technical manual

This instrument panel is painted in
yellow zinc chromate primer and has not
been painted in the final interior green
paint. The instruments and switches are
original, but the data plates are replicas
made in Poland based on drawings
provided by QuestMasters solely from
technical manual photos.
HS-33 Headset, above left and right photo.
The CG-15A Glider utilized three HS-33 Headsets in the cockpit. One was used for the Pilot, one for the Co-Pilot and a
third for use by a crew member or passenger.
During 1943, the HS-33 low impedance headset was introduced based on the ANB-H-1 Earphone with an impedance of 600
ohms. For a period, the HS-23 and HS-33 Headsets were used in parallel. The HS-23 was equipped with a black PL-54 Plug
and the HS-33 with a red PL-354 Plug. It was possible to use the low impedance HS-33 Headset in a high impedance
aircraft communication system by connection through a MC-385 Adapter.
Load Adjuster Case, left photo.
Each aircraft was supplied with one load adjuster with case for balancing cargo prior to flight. The load adjuster was
supplied with a leather case and was mounted in the cockpit of the CG-15A. The end of the case is marked CG-15A.
Pyrotechnic (Flare) Pistol Mount, right photo.
The Pyrotechnic Pistol Mount is mounted above the co-pilot in the cockpit. This was used to securely hold the AN-M8
Pyrotechnic (Flare) Pistol during discharge in the event a signal was required for landing.
G-15A Glider Nose in the Fort Bragg Museum, left photo.
G-15A Glider Cockpit Markings, right photo.
This CG-15A 45-5276A was redesignated G-15A after WWII. The modification on the nose is an experimental tow line
recovery system. This was an attempt to allow a Glider Pilot to re-engage a tow line while still in flight.
June 1945 Flying Magazine Advertisement for the new Waco CG-15A Glider, above photo