Heer (Army) Afrika Korps Pioneer (Engineer)
North Africa 1942
Inside tunic right bottom button flap, left photo.
Marked: 41 (top left), 92 (center), 70 (bottom left), 58 (bottom right) and B 42 (bottom center).
Inside tunic left center button flap, right photo. Note removable buttons.
Marked: Peek & Cloppenburg
"BEHA" G.m.b.H.
41 (top left), 92 (center) and 70 (bottom left)
Heer (Army) Tropical Helmet, First Pattern, above four photos.
The Heer Insignia on the left side is made of zinc. The tri-color National Insignia on the right side is made of
This helmet is constructed from stretched tan cotton fabric over a pressed wood form. This is unusual as most of
the helmets produced are constructed from pressed cork.
The blond leather liner band is missing from this helmet, but all six aluminum cotter pins remain in place.