Type: Generator, 3.0 KW, 1 Phase
Government Number: None
Model: E-3
Manufacturer: O'Keefe & Merritt Co.
Date of Delivery: 1944
Serial Number: 2188
Model E-3 Generator Set nomenclature plate, above left photo.
This plate is mounted on the outside of the control panel door.
Control panel with door open, above right photo.
The control panel is located on the end of the generator set. Note that this generator has several different styles of 120 volt
Engine compartment with doors open, above left photo.
O'Keefe & Merritt Model E-3 Synchronous 1 Phase Generator nomenclature plate, above right photo.
Right side of E-3 Generator Set, above left photo.
Rear of the E-3 Generator Set, right photo.
The rear of the E-3 Generator houses the fire extinguisher. The door for the fire extinguisher is marked in raised letters "FIRE
EXTINGUISHER INSIDE HERE". The bracket is the standard style used on most U.S. WWII military vehicles.