SCR-578-B "Gibson Girl" Radio Set
BG-155-A Bag and M-390-A Parachute, above left photo. The BG-155-A Bag held the entire SCR-578-B
Radio Set.
BC-778-D, or AN-CRT-3 Radio Set, above right photo.
T-69F/AMT-2 Radiosonde Transmitter, M-278-A Hydrogen Balloons (2 balloons were used in this set to fly the kite mast),
M-308-B Signal Lamp (head mounted) and Flashlight, above left photo.
M-357-A Kite Assembly (used to fly the antenna), M-315 Hydrogen Generator Inflation Tubes and the Kite and
Tube Storage Bag, above right photo.
M-315 Hydrogen Generator Containers, left photo.
The M-315 Hydrogen Generator was used to inflate the M-278