Winter Uniform
Bastogne 1944/1945
Lower left pocket, left photo.
The button on the lower pockets appear to be post-war replacements and are much smaller than the original
production button. Note the extreme soiling to the lower section of the coat.
Reverse of coat, right photo.
The reverse side of this coat is constructed of a heavy non-quilted olive green cotton. The lower pockets are
pleated in the same style as the white side. All of the buttons are post-war replacements.
Coat hook on white side of coat, left photo.
Close-up of replacement button on olive green side of coat, right photo.
Lower right pocket, above photo
Front and rear of winter reversible coat, left and right photo.
This coat is constructed of heavy quilted cotton construction. One side is white with two lower
pleated pockets. This coat is very similar in design to Soviet styles of the same period and may
have been constructed in factories pressed into German uniform production.
This coat was brought back to the United States by an American Infantryman who served in
Bastogne Belgium during the winter of 1944/1945.