Herculanium, Italy
Herculanium, Italy lies to the
southwest of the Italian volcano,
Mount Vesuvius. During the year
79 A.D. Mount Vesuvius erupted,
showering the Roman cities of
Pompeii and Herculanium with
molten rock and ash burying the
two cities for almost 2000 years.
Archeology work is still being
conducted to reveal covered
portions of the two cities.
QuestMasters visited this
famous city in 1998.
QuestMasters has added this section to the
Quest page for this specific photo. The emblem
most frequently associated with Nazi Germany is
the Swastika. This symbol was actually used
several thousand years prior to the reign of the
Third Reich. The left photo, taken in
Herculanium, is a Greek cross with the ends of
arms bent at counterclockwise right angles. This
symbol was used as a sign of good luck, and
was usually placed in the main doorway of a
home or building as done in the left photo. The
symbol of Nazi Germany was very similar, but
was the exact mirror image with the arms
bending clockwise.