United States Airborne M9A2 Paracaisson
This is the unrestored M9A2 Paracaisson, above photo. This M9A2 was obtained from New Jersey in 2015 after many years of
hard farm use. Many WWII items have survived lengthy periods of time because of post-war use. The body of this M9A2 had
an unbelievable amount of holes in the steel body. It was almost past the point of restoration - until QuestMasters stepped in
and saved it! Every piece was disassembled and crushed-glass blasted down to bare metal, then epoxy based metal
impregnated fillers added to strengthen and build the metal back up.
Two types of paracaissons were produced during WWII, the M9A2 and the M18. The M9A2 was constructed from steel and the
M18 from aluminum.

The M9A2 and M18 were air-deployed via parachute as a cylindrical container. The container separated into two parts once on
the ground: the cart bottom and the top cover. The top cover was a simplified version of the cart bottom. The top cover was
discarded after assembly. When the M9A2/M18 was deployed, the wheels, tow handle and cables were stored inside of the
container. The M9A2 and M18 were deployed with 8 rounds of ammunition and could carry 18 rounds of ammunition in
waterproof cardboard storage containers once the cart was assembled.
The above two pictures are from an original wartime manual. The picture to the left shows six M9A2/M18 paracaissons
mounted under a C-47 Cargo Aircraft for deployment. The paracaissons were shackled to specially designed pods that were
controlled for release from inside of the aircraft.
The photo to the right is a deployed empty and then fully loaded M9A2/M18 ready for towing.
Three types of Airborne Paracaissons were used during World War Two: M9 (Wood),
M9A2 (Steel) and the M18 (Aluminum Alloy).

The Steel Paracrate Load for the M8 Howitzer was deployed in 9 loads:
Paracrate Load M1:
Howitzer Trail Assembly, Paracrate M1, Drawbar, Lifting Bar.
Paracrate Load M2:
Howitzer Rear Trail, Howitzer Axle and Traversing Mechanism, Howitzer Trail Handspike, Bore Brush Staff, Spare Parts and
Tool Box, Caster Wheel and Paracrate M2.
Paracrate Load M3A2:
Howitzer Bottom Sleigh, Aiming Circle with Case, Lifting Bar and Paracrate M3A2.
Paracrate Load M4A2:
Howitzer Cradle, Howitzer Top Sleigh, Lifting Bar and Paracrate M4A2.
Paracrate Load M5A2:
Howitzer Tube, Lifting bar and Paracrate M5A2.
Paracrate Load M6A1:
Howitzer Breech Assy., Telescope and Mount, Paracrate M6A1.
Paracrate Load M7A1:
Howitzer Wheels (2) and Paracrate M7A1.
Parachest Load M8A1:
Ammunition (10 rounds in fiber containers) and Parachest M8A1.
Paracaisson Load M9A2:
Ammunition (8 rounds in fiber containers) and Paracaisson M9A2.
This M9A2 Paracaisson was fully restored by QuestMasters in 2016, above photo.
The M9A2 was used by Airborne Artillery units to air-drop 75mm ammunition for the M8 Airborne Pack
Thankfully, many of the internal parts of this M9A2 had been removed prior to post-WWII use and were in exceptional
condition for being 70 years. Most retained their original WWII paint and stenciling. QuestMasters did not restore these parts,
but rather integrated them as-is in the restoration.