United States Navy
North American SNJ-5B Advanced Trainer
Navy BuNo: SNJ-5B 84947
Inside view of the SNJ-5B tail assembly, left and above
When the SNJ was used as a gunnery trainer the rear
cockpit window assembly would be removed to mount a
rear firing .30 Caliber AN-M2 Machine Gun.
SNJ-5B port side tail assembly, left photo.
The port side of the SNJ held four fixed .30 Caliber
ammunition boxes and one fixed ammunition box
on the starboard side.

Two mild steel boxes and two box brackets remain
mounted in the tail of SNJ-5B 84947. Each box
could hold 100 rounds of ammunition.

Stainless steel .30 Caliber Ammunition Boxes,
above photo.
These boxes will be used in the restoration of
SNJ-5B 84947.