U.S. Army Air Force
Sergeant William A. Biergel
Flight Engineer - B-24M-30-FO 44-51562
Died Non Battle DNB - September 14th 1945
Aircraft lost between Morotai Island and Clark Field, Luzon
Sgt. William A. Biergel's Identification Tag - also known as "Dog Tag", above photo.
This tag is a very early example made of brass and lists the next of kin address on the bottom:
The practice of including the next of kin address was deleted between 1942 and 1943. The tag also lists his Blood Type A
and his religious preference Catholic. The Identification Tag also lists that he received his Tetanus Vaccine in 1943 (T43)

Sgt. Biergel was born in 1923 and enlisted on July 1st 1943 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Sergeant Biergel was serving as the Flight Engineer on a newly delivered B-24M-30-FO "Liberator" Bomber Serial Number
44-51562 attached to the 65th Bomb Squadron, 43rd Bomb Group. On September 14th 1945, the aircraft was piloted by
Captain William E Pickens 01165546, Co-Pilot 2nd Lt Clarence J Furman Jr 0838253, Navigator 2nd Lt Gene M Ashmore
02081367, Radio Operator Sgt William W. Ryan 11067496 and Sgt Biergel. The B-24 took off from Morotai Island for Clark
Field, Luzon. The aircraft crashed for an unknown reason in the Pacific Ocean. A report dated September 30th 1945 lists
all five crew members as missing with no remains being recovered.

He is listed in the National Archives as DNB (Died Non-Battle) during World War Two. This classification is given for non
battle deaths - death during transport, training, accidents that did not include engagement with the enemy and natural
causes. Because this aircraft and crew were lost after the conclusion of World War Two, August 14th 1945, all five crew
members are listed as DNB vice Killed in Action - KIA.

Sgt. William A. Biergel's remains were eventually recovered to a U.S.A.A.F. cemetery on Leyte Philippines, and later  
repatriated to Massachusetts.