1944 German Searchlight
Left side of mounting base, left photo.
This searchlight can be manually or remotely transversed and elevated.
Nomenclature plate, right photo.
This plate is marked: Bauart azf (azf is stamped), Baumuster GL 60/37 S (GL 60/37 S is stamped), Gerat-Nr. 126_61B
(126_61B is stamped), Werk-Nr. 16711 (16711 is stamped), Anforderz (with blank block), Hersteller (with blank block).
1944 German 171cm Searchlight, above left and right photo.
The original application of this searchlight is uncertain. It is not marked to a specific branch of the
German Armed Forces. It was possibly produced to be mounted on a vehicle or a fixed position. The
mirror is marked: 24505/44 fwt 171mm.