Type: 1/4 Ton 4x4 Truck
Government Number: G503
Model: GPW
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
Date of Delivery: 1942
Serial Number: 69289
Hood Number: 20154290
This is what the 1942 GPW looked like when it was first found. The pine needles
actually preserved the floors to a good degree.
The body tub had been removed from the frame many years ago, and is seen here sitting directly on the ground. One of the
fenders and a crudely made tail panel are sitting in the rear of the tub in the right photo.
The frame had sat for many years uncovered allowing water to collect in the frame rails. The engine cylinder head was also
removed many years ago allowing water and other organic material to collect inside of the engine.
The following photos were taken after recovery and initial cleaning. The body and frame are in very good condition
considering the many years of exposure.