United States
Consolidated B-24 Heavy Bomber
This restoration is dedicated to the following brave souls who made the ultimate sacrifice on
May 5th 1944.
Wayne R. Kimble, 2nd Lt., Pilot - K.I.A.
William E. Somsel Jr., 2nd Lt., Co-Pilot - K.I.A.
Charles E. Mueller, 2nd Lt., Navigator - K.I.A.
Morris Righthand, 2nd Lt., Bombardier - K.I.A.
Jack J. Dowd, Staff Sgt., Gunner - K.I.A.
Marion F. Norman, Staff Sgt., Gunner - K.I.A.
James H. Means, Sgt., Gunner - K.I.A.
Manual F. Campos, Cpl., Gunner - K.I.A.
Gerald L. Weiss, Cpl., Gunner - K.I.A.
Joseph J. Carlucci, Cpl., Gunner - K.I.A.
This is a Motor Products hydraulic nose turret that will be used in this
restoration project. This specific turret was found in a scrap yard in
Macon, GA. The original nose turret for this B-24J was recovered but
was destroyed beyond repair. During 1943-1944 the Consolidated San
Diego factory ran out of Emerson electric nose turrets for their B-24Js.
A quick modification found the remaining B-24J’s made in San Diego
with tail turrets mounted on the front of the aircraft (with the
replacement of the nose turret electric systems with hydraulic
systems). This production modification was only conducted at the
Consolidated San Diego factory. Many earlier B-24s with "Green
House" noses were converted using a very similar principal.
This is the center fuselage section (frames 5.1 to 7.1) of
B-24L-20-FO-44-50022. This B-24, recovered from Canada, was
originaly built by the Ford Motor Company in Willow Run, Dearborn
Michigan. This aircraft was transferred to the Royal Canadian Air Force
as Liberator Mk VIII and served briefly with the R.C.A.F. until the end of
the war (note production A.A.F. markings over painted with R.C.A.F.
markings). After the war this B-24 was scrapped in Canada. This
section will be used in the restoration of B-24J-155-CO-44-40332.
This is the Martin 250 upper turret. This turret was also recovered from
a scrap yard in Macon, GA. for the restoration of this B-24J. The
original M-250 upper turret from this aircraft was completely
destroyed, but was recovered. The original turret was manufactured by
"MAYTAG". After World War Two Maytag produced washing machines.
This is the starboard nose section of this B-24J (frames
0.1 to 0.3). This is where 2nd Lt. Charles E. Mueller and
2nd Lt. Morris Righthand lost their lives. The severity of
the crash can be clearly seen. The fragment to the
extreme left is the front frame (0.1) for entry into the
nose turret (missing door). The fragment in the extreme
bottom of the photo is the armored plate with B-7 mount
for the Norden Bombsight. The C-1 Bombsight Stabilizer
was recovered from the crash site, but the Bombsight
was missing. On the outside of the aircraft skin is the
hand painted Consolidated build number 4268.
This is the port nose section of this B-24J (frames 0.1 to 0.2). The
extreme right fragment shows the entry frame to the nose turret with
door attached. The extreme top fragment is the Astro-Dome for the
Astro-Compass. The Astro-Compass was used for nighttime navigation.
The following pictures are other B-24 parts that have been
recovered for the restoration of this B-24 aircraft.
In the center of the left photo is the Nose Landing Gear
This wheel utilized a 36 Inch S.C. 10 ply tire.