United States
Consolidated B-24 Heavy Bomber
Stations (Frames) 3.0 through 4.1 - Radio Operator and Top Turret
Radio Operator Table with BC-348 Liaison Radio Receiver, AN-3047 Work Table Light Assembly, J-37 Morse Code Key and
Radio Operator's Information File.
J-37 Morse Code Key and Monitor Switch, above left photo.
Note original "RADIO CALL" number 449157 painted below switch. This Radio Table was removed from Ford
BC-348 Liaison Radio Receiver with FT-154 Receiver Mount, above right photo.
BC-306 Antenna Tuning Unit with FT-142 Antenna Tuning Unit Mount, left photo.
PE-73 Dynamotor Unit with FT-107 Dynamotor Mount, right photo.
Fuel Sight Gage, left photo.
Main Fuel Tank Selectors Panel, right photo.
Power Panel Switch Box Cover with (4) Type E-1 Amperage Gages, above left photo. The panel is missing the Power Switch
Box GK32E1043 and Type B-1 Voltmeter.
Trailing Antenna, right photo. FT-470 Mounting (Top), M235 Antenna Wire (Left), RL-42 Antenna Reel (Right)
Radio Operator Seat Support Assembly, above photo.
Bombardier's seat assembly, left photo.
This style of seat was only used on early B-24's with the "greenhouse" style nose. This seat is very similar to the Radio
Operator's seat assembly, and this seat will be used with the support pictured above.
BC-221 Frequency Meter, left
TM 11-300AE BC-211 Manual dated
August 7th 1943, right photo.
M-250CE Martin Top Turret, left photo.